100 Days, 3,000-plus Miles

His secret, revealed...

78-year-old Guinness World Records Distance Runner to Run from Los Angeles to Washington DC

With the event kickoff of a lifetime, for this year's birthday celebration on May 7, 2021, the Man most notoriously described as "The Legend" initiated a movement across the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. It’s hard to believe that anyone of this day and age could be the PROTOTYPE for PHYSICAL HEALTH. But at 78-years young, Stan Cottrell is doing just that.

So when we received word that Stan is SETTING the WORLD STAGE to place the REAL ISSUES in OUR WORLD Front & Center.

While placing health and wellness at the precipice, we just knew we had to reach out to him and find out what his secret is to vitality and longevity.

Little did we know, we were about to embark on a journey of a lifetime, as we got the chance to meet STAN-THE-RUNNING-MAN & discover his cardio fitness regime and secret arsenal for endurance.

Who is STAN the MAN?

For those of you less familiar with this HUMBLE, STRONG-HEARTED MAN, you’re in for a treat! Stan Cottrell has lived the life that so many of us DREAM of HAVING, Yet we still haven’t quite figured out the details.

We can officially say that Stan Cottrell HAS BROKEN THE MOLD

From his time spent on this Earth, he has lived up to ALL of his expectations. Throughout it all, he continuously fulfills his main goal in life. That goal is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

Stan’s Most Profound Achievements:

His two books and nine movies chronicle incredible treks across many nations and warm friendships throughout his journey, discovering what mystery lies ahead along the way in his path. From the unexplored wonders of the far reaching plains to the more prominent regions of wealth & developed lifestyles. If Stan was to say that he's seen it all, you can rest assured he's definitely NOT “FOOLIN.”

In 1984 he founded the Friendship Sports Association, an outreach using Sports, especially ultra-distance “Friendship Runs.” Augmented by related health, fitness, cultural events and humanitarian outreach, these initiatives have served as a powerful communicator to open doors that cross cultural and political boundaries.

For 64 years, Stan Cottrell, the man behind the iconic RUNNING-MAN character, ‘FORREST GUMP,’ has been a Man with Purpose. His LIFE-LONG MISSION to UNITE US with HOPE, HEALTH, & FRIENDSHIP.

This is what he hopes will IGNITE the spark within us to give rise to the idea that if we BELIEVE in ourselves, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE


Stan continuously AIMS HIGH & successfully reaches his HEALTH & FITNESS GOALS.

Stan is constantly making decisions to improve his health. It’s no wonder that the man has an amazing history of overcoming the seemingly impossible!

Take a look at this POWERFUL reminder of Stan Cottrell's achievements and what the human body is capable of if you put your whole darn HEART into it:
  • Stan ran across Europe in 80 days.
  • He also ran 2,152 miles in 53 days across the ancient, unknowable, forbidden land of China where foreigners had never been permitted.
  • It’s important to realize that Stan isn’t your average 78 year old man. His personal fitness goal across 40 different countries and has accumulated more than 250,000 miles of running in his 63-year career. That's more than 10 times around the earth.
  • ​​Ran from New York to San Francisco in 48 days and set a new Guinness Book of Records.

“If I Can Get Up And Move At 78, EVERYONE In America Can, Too!”


With just that one quote, Stan makes it clear that although we may get lost down the back roads of life, it’s definitely what motivates and pushes us to keep moving forward.

“STAN-THE-RUNNING-MAN” is No Stranger to the Obstacles and Challenges That We All Face in Life

Stan knows that if your mindset isn’t CHALLENGING YOU, it isn’t CHANGING YOU. He knows that if you can Eliminate the Mindset of Can’t-- then YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! That’s probably why he keeps such a positive mind about everything

Stan Initially Launched His AMAZING FRIENDSHIP RUN 2021 on His 78th Birthday, May 7!

In case you haven’t heard, STAN is the Man behind the Amazing Friendship Run for 2021. And as with previous years he is calling on Americans to unite in awakening from their slumber.

It's time for each American to awaken every single day with a thankful heart. It is only then that we will all be on the right track to a healthy heart. But what is it that makes Stan's regime so much different from all of the rest? We decided to take a look at his lifestyle choices and fitness strategy.

Here's what we found...


The Beat Goes On…

Stan Cottrell is most notably known for being a Guinness Record Holder ultra-distance-runner.

He’s also famous for his healthful regimen at 78 years old. Stan is living proof that you can have the benefit of an active heart at any age.

Stan continues to take appropriate measures to ensure that he stays healthy, which of course, allows him to be happy! Having run over 250,000+ miles, being and staying healthy is necessary.

Do you want to be like the MAN, the MYTH, the LEGEND?


What Does it Take to Have a Youthful Life?

Not only does he have the knowledge needed to maintain his health, but he also follows through on implementing what he knows. In his words, "I do the things that I know will bring immediate health benefits to others."

Stan's regimen is very specific and he clearly defines what these measures are.

He also gets regular cardiovascular exercise that increases his heart rate by up to 140 bpm (beats per minute).

By choosing to stay physically fit and taking a healthy nutrition, Stan continues to see his athletic performance improve.

With regular exercise combined with the daily use great nutrition, he notices quite an improvement.


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When You Feel Like You Can’t Run Anymore, Do What Stan does. Run With Heart!



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